Monday, December 22, 2008

Update Monday

1. Boy scored major points this weekend by seriously standing up for me to Jerk roommate. When Boy got home from work he talked (maybe yelled) with Jerk about how he handled the situation horribly and personally attacked me. Boy told Jerk that it wasn't acceptable for him to leave me notes like that, threatening me with spending time there, etc. Apparently boy was convincing because I got a voicemail from Jerk apologizing for handling the situation poorly and for leaving such a nasty note. I even got an in-person apology the next day.

So, since its the season for yuletide and good blessings, I will forgive, but I won't forget and this incident will certainly stay in the front of my mind.

2. Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad others have had crappy roommate experiences and can relate. To those that suggested I should have confronted Jerk immediately after I saw the note- you are totally right. But, when i get angry, I don't look pissed, I just cry. And it's very hard to stand up for yourself and say how angry you are, when you are crying like an ten year-old. It's something I really wish I could change.

3. The fact that Boy is paying for two shares of utilities is completely ridiculous and the fact that he let that go without a fight is ridiculous. But- a conversation for another day.

4. Yesterday Boy and I (and about 15 of his good friends from home) went to the Skins- Eagles game. While I'm more of a Ravens gal myself, I do root for the Skins and also love me some Chris Cooley. (Too bad his wife is the hottest thing since sliced bread). For Boy's birthday present I got most of his good friends together to all go to this game. Although very cold, we had a great time tailgating, watching the game, and partying for eight hours. I always enjoy catching up with the girls in that group. Even better- the Skins won in a fourth quarter nail-bitter!

I'd say I'd post pictures, but I don't like to bring my camera to events that involve multiple hours of drinking because I will most likely loose it, so there aren't any. But here is brief summary that you can imagine: Four hours of tailgating in freezing weather, me and Boy wearing about 8 layers of clothes each, Boy failing asleep in the first quarter because of a little too much tailgating fun, and enough wind to send a plate of hot dogs flying!!!

5. It's finally the week of Christmas! WEEEEEE!

6. I'm skipping Not me Monday! for the week---too much drama in the weekend.

7. For those of you that tagged me recently, I promise I haven't forgotten and will get to those posts this week. Look forward to guesting blogging by Cheeto (who was tagged) and an award from Mrs. Stilettos and one from Victoria. (YEAH!)


Whitney said...

I'm glad some sort of resolve came about Saturday's situation! The game sounds like a blast!!!!

Gwen said...

Go Boy!!! It's always wonderful when they stand up for us. They should (especially when it's their friends being stupid.) Have a fabulous Monday!!!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

All that other stuff never seems to matter when you have someone like Boy who will stand by you :)

Tova Darling said...

I'm glad he stood up for you, because that guy sounds liek a major jerk!

Kate said...

Yay for the Boy! Way to go!

Haven't shared a picture of my actual dress... I wish I could but Evs reads my blog - so its a secret until March 28!

Miss Anne said...

how much do i love that you numbered your post?? (it's the organized nerd in me!)

sounds like the Boy aka Knight in Shining Armor came to save the day.. and rightfully so!

Now straighten your tiara and have a fabulous Christmas sweet pea!


Marlene said...

Just saw your last post noq, but that is RIDICULOUS. So glad your boy stood up for you. Who needs that crap?

Happpy Holidays!

penny lane said...

hey littlesack! thanks for visiting the shiny penny. I'm sorry about your boys roommate. he sounds like a shining star! it's nice to read another girls blog who loves sports. I'm a big fan. I also love christmas! I hope you keep reading the blog and I will definitely be reading yours. hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!

penny lane

Danielle said...

Found you through my sister (the shiny penny). Can't believe that note but glad the boy stood up for you. :)

my mid mid-life crisis said...

Glad you found me! :) The kids I teach are 5-7 years old.. Kindergarten through 2nd grade. They are quite the adventure!

Love to Run said...

Nice Blog. Sound like you are on a quest to find more and more blogs. Cool. Good Luck with all the 'jerk' stuff. nice to hear the boy stood up for you. That is something to remember.

I run on that track often in the winter instead of on ice and snow if I run over 8 miles. It is 450 meters and on just on the outside of an Ice Oval where a lot of the Olympic Speed Skaters train. It is also the site of my next marathon so I thought I would run the course, oh say, 80 times LOL.

Nice to meet you, at least in Blogland.

Saskia said...

That's great news that Boy stood up to jerk... he needed that 'talking-to' for sure!

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

Mr B & I were really impressed with that version of Oliver Twist... if you watch, let me know what you think.

I know, it's a very special Christmas for us this year... must be the reason I'm so ridiculously excited this year!

Saskia x

Saskia said...

PS I've tagged you!

Melanie said...

Just got your comment - thanks for saying hi. I fractured the neck of my left femur sometime at the end of Nov. and have been on crutches since Dec. 10. Yuck. That wasn't my first running dream, but it was the first since I got hurt - it's like a big tease in some ways. I've enjoyed checking out your blog today!