Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheeto as a wee one

Ok, So I promise not to make this blog about my cat, mostly because I'd like to avoid the label of "cat lady." But since I've been posting about Faylene and her status as a homeless kitty, I thought telling the story of how Cheeto came into my life would be fitting.

One of my college roommates found Cheeto in our backyard one cold February morning. He had clearly lost his mom and was less than two weeks ago (which is way too early to leave the mother). He was such a pitiful looking thing- hair all matted and his feet and tail were scabbed over. He probably weighed less than an ounce and was the size of two golf balls. teeny tiny! It was awful. My roommate nursed him with a bottle dropper and slowly he started to gain weight and grow fur. His favorite activity as a wee little thing was climbing into shoes and falling asleep there, only to be woken up by someone hastily trying to throw their shoes on. Below is a picture of him when he is about one month old, I think.Cheeto started to really love being in my room and sleeping in my bed- so he naturally spent a lot of time sleeping with me and loving on me. About a year later my roommate moved out to move in with her finance (and their two dogs) and ask if I wanted Cheeto, and of course I said yes! So, I adopted Cheeto. I was such a happy kitty mama!

Now, almost three years later, Cheeto is healthy and happy and maybe a bit chubby, but I'm happy to say that he is a rescued cat that leads a very pampered life!

Point of the story is that I have a serious soft spot for homeless kitties, which is why Faylene has worked her way into my heart so quickly and why I'm trying to find a good home for her.

Ok. That is it. I promise. No more cat stories for a long time, I just thought this was relevant! Tomorrow I will go back to brooding about life and sharing stories about my psychotic quarterlife crises!


Whitney said...

I don't even like cats and I think that he is cute!

Miss Anne said...

i think it's adorable.

look how sweet and tiny he was! :)

and the name cheeto? how cute!

Mrs. Cup said...

How precious!!!

Lyla Lou said...

Awww, so cute!! And TINY!!

I've had a couple stray cats find a home at my house, they make the best pets!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Tehehehhehe "cat lady" - I've never thought about you as that :)

I feel like I will tease you though in the near future when we are enjoying too much wine together!!

what a cute little thing...

Kris Norman said...

Oh, what a cutie! Good for you for saving Cheeto - You're a FurMom, too! =]

Good Girl Gone Blog said...

so cute :)