Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Schools out...for winter!

Thank you so much for all your hair crisis support! I'm glad there are people just like me out there. I'll try and post a picture when I can get someone else to take it. Again, Thanks, I really appreciate it!!

On to other things:
I don't talk about it too often, because it really isn't that exciting, but I'm currently in grad school while working part time. And, boy is it fun! (read: totally NOT fun). There isn't anything really negative about it, I just have very little time to do anything but homework in my free time. I have probably watched two hours of t.v. a week this semester and that is very unlike me.

But- today, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE FOR THE SEMESTER! Woooooohooooooooo!!!!! I can't even describe my excitement. All my papers are turned in, exams done, everything! YYYYEEAAHHHHH!!!!!

Even better, classes don't start again until the last week in January, which means about six weeks of no-school time!

So, my comfies are on and I am going to sit in front of the t.v. from now until bed time and feel 100% not guilty about it. WOOHOO!

As much as I like my t.v. time (soap net, anyone?) I also really enjoying reading. Give me a good book and a glass of wine and I can be content for hours. But--having read academic literature all semester, I'm out of the book world and am in desperate need of suggestions.

So, ladies (and maybe one gent or two), do a gal a favor and leave a comment with your most recent favorite read? I need some quality reads for over the Christmas break and through January.

Looking forward to reading your picks!


Liana said...

yay for being done! i just got done with class to so i've been avoiding books so sorry i have no recommendations!

Mrs. Nurse said...

woohoo for being done for the semester. i do not feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing either :). I read "Everyone Worth Knowing" and liked it.

Anonymous said...

Read the Twilight series. You will fall in love and never want the story to end. There are 4 books total.
I also just read the Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck and it was an amazing story. It is an easy read and you will finish it fast.
Also- I start grad school Jan 5th! SO I am right there with you!

Saskia said...

What a lovely feeling to have finished for the term!!

Recently I really enjoyed the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Have you read it already?

Saskia x

Mrs. Stilettos said...

I'd really like to read My Sister's Keeper...have you read that yet???

Megan said...

Anything Nicholas Sparks!! Congrats on being done for the semester!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! Im going to look at the website right now :) I have this book called Gloria by Keith Maillard... He is a wonderful writer... The story is based about a girl in the 60's, it is my all time favorite :) Take care, thanks again!


Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

If you are looking for chick lit that is an entertaining story, anything my Marian Keyes, especially Sushi for beginners and Watermelon. You might get dummer for having read them, but it's so worth it. I HAVE to finish them in like a day b/c I can't wait to find out what happens.
Congrats on being done! It is SO WEIRD for me not to be a student anymore... enjoy your 6 weeks! xo