Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To my Fellow Gold's Gym Members:

Dear Gym members,
Most of you follow proper gym etiquette and we have little do with each other besides a small smile as we both walk into the gym at an un-Godly hour. I appreciate this. However, to the few that need a refresher on gym etiquette, please see my letter below.

To the gym bunnys,
Yes, your body is rocking. Your six pack is nice and your legs are perfectly toned. And, if we are being perfectly honest, yes I am a little jealous that your whole body probably weighs the same as my left leg. That being said, we could all still tell that your body is rocking when you wear normal workout gear. There is no need for spandex shorts and a sports bra (with regular bra underneath) that you wear every-single-time you are at the gym. One, there is no need for the regular bra under the sports bra look- cleavage in a sports bra is defeating the purpose of keeping those suckers down. Secondly, It's not that hot at in the gym---no need for the sports bra only look. By wearing just that--you are clearly saying, "Look at me while I work out."

And if you feel that the gym is hot, (which I doubt because I've never seen you sweat) I bet putting your hair in a pony-tail instead of curling it and wearing it down would help keep you a little cooler. Just a tip from me to you. Finally, that make up that you put on to come to the gym is totally unnecessary too. We are here to sweat, not scope out men. Judging by that huge rock on your left ring finger, I'm pretty sure you are married and although you are clearly trying to attract attention, you probably shouldn't be. If you aren't getting what you need out of your marriage and need to seek validation for your looks at the gym, well, sister, that is an entirely different conversation.

And the next time you shoot me the stink eye while I am doing my wide leg squats to try and slim down my thighs, I will pick up the 10 pound dumb bell and hurl it at your face.

To the old man who thinks he can enter the "womens only" section:
Sir. Apparently you aren't getting the evil glances I shoot at you every time you do this. I know you aren't illiterate and can read that huge sign that says "Ladies Golds." We ladies specifically work out in this section to avoid creepers like you who make us feel uncomforatble while working out. (Yes, men, we do see you checking out our asses while doing our 1000th squat).

I assume you are simply lazy (which is weird since you are really musclar- as I can tell by your entirely too tight t-shirt). Since you can't seem to walk the 30 feet to the other equipment to find the specific weight you need, you think it is ok to prance into the women's section, pick out the weight you want, and prance out. This, my friend, is not ok.
One, it's women only for a reason. We like it this way. Get out.
Two, it's pretty screwed up to take our equipment out of the room because you are too lazy to find it elsewhere.
Third, if you ever have the balls to correct my form on something, like I've seen you do to other women before, I will not resist throwing that ten pound dumbbell you took from the women's section directly at your face.

Ask a gym bunny, she'll tell you.

Thanks to the both of you for your attention in this matter. Really appreciate your cooperation.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Time for another dose of free the form of Not Me! Monday. In case you haven't been introduced to Not Me! Monday, yet, here are a few details. This fun game originated with MckMama who is quite the busy woman! Here are the rules to playing, but in sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week. All in the name of admitting that we all make mistakes and aren't perfect.

This past week...

I did not pay to get my hair cut and was unhappy with the cut so I had my sister cut it the way I wanted it. Nope, I have more gumption than that, so that if I didn't like the hair cut at the salon I would have certainly said something.

I did not eat an excessive amount of chocolate this weekend. I would not let PMS get to me like that. =(

I certainly did not nearly drool over the gluten free cinnamon bun that I bought from a delicious gluten free bakery. It was not unbelievably fabulous and I did not lick the plate afterward.

I did not dress extra professionally the day I had my performance review at work only to have my performance review pushed back a week. I certainly did not get pissy that I wasted my perfectly constructed outfit on nothing important.

I did not stay out until 3:00 am on Saturday night and then sleep half of the day on Sunday, causing me to not get done any homework. Nope, I realize that I am not in college anymore and I certainly prioritize better than that.

I most certainly did not make up a lie to tell the pet groomer about why I was late bringing in my cat. And that lie clearly did not involve something along the lines of, "my kids were running all over the house this morning and I couldn't get them under control." Since I do not have any kids, I would never make up some random lie like this, especially since the pet groomer didn't even care. This lie did not just randomly burst out of my mouth for no good reason at all.

That's it for this week's edition of not me Monday. As always, please play along!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A girl's best friend

A girl's gotta have chocolate, right? I mean, right next to pearls and diamonds, I'm pretty sure chocolate is a girl's best friend.

Even though I try to make smart food choices all day long, I always ensure that I have a few calories left over to spend on some chocolate. It's my night time treat that always ends a day just perfectly.

Since chocolate isn't know for its nutritional qualities, I've concocted a few ideas that make healthy chocolate taste super creamy! they are.

Banana Chocolate Shake
-peel one banana and cut into bite sized pieces.
-put in a zip lock back and freeze overnight.
-In a blender, combine the frozen banana and 1 c. soy chocolate milk (this is what I use, but fat free milk with 1 tbsp of chocolate mix works just as well)
-Mix until well blended and serve immediately!
-DELISH! (and under 200 calories!)

the frozen banana is really creamy and has an ice cream texture which makes it really decadent. If I'm eating it for breakfast or after a workout, I usually add a teaspoon or two of peanut butter for some extra protein. But, if it's just a night time snack, I leave the p.b. out. You can also freeze it for 2-3 hours after blending and the consistency becomes thicker.

Frozen Pudding
-I take a 100 calorie cup of pudding and put it in the freezer for about 4 hours. It is the perfect consistency and just thick enough to resemble ice cream. Plus, it takes longer to eat, so I don;t scarf it down. If you freeze it for too long and it is super hard put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on power level 8 and it will be good to go!

These are two of my favorite stand-bys when the chocolate bug gets me but I don't want to splurge. It tastes like splurging, without all the calories and fat!

If you try them, let me know what you think...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I LOVE the Biggest Loser! I used to only watch the finale to see the before and afters (I love a good before and after picture), but this season I started watching at the first episode and I am addicted. I'm very into it. When they are doing challenges I find myself tensing up for them and holding my breath until I know who wins. I physically have to calm myself down and tell myself to unclench my fists. It's very weird.

I also find it really motivating. If these girls, who weigh two hundred pounds more than I do can run and lift and kick their own asses, I can certainly push myself to loose these 20 pounds or so.

This season, my favorite contestant is Kristin and last night she broke the 300 pound mark, which must have been really exciting. I was really happy for her. Last week she was at 300 and was hoping to drop below 300, but gained 2 pounds. I wanted to hug her through the t.v. Weight loss is frustrating, even if you are doing nothing but working out like a feen. When i was in WW, if you had a bad week but knew you did everything right, my leader used to say, "your check is in the mail." Meaning--you may not have lost this week, but you will loose big next week. When I am disappointed with my number I often say this to myself, and it's what I wanted to tell Kristin last week (see how nutty I am---I am connected to this girl and think she is my actual friend!).

So, morale of the story--if you are frustrated with weight loss, just keep going. It is really difficult, even for those with a lot of weight to loose, but your numbers will eventually start to go down.

Anyways, I really love this show and can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring for the contestants. And if you don't watch--I highly recommend it.

On another note, Pearls and Bows is having a super cute give-a-way!! And for all of you ladies, who love your monograms, you will surely enjoy this! Be sure to enter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Just another Manic Monday...
But, on this Monday, like all other Mondays, we play...Not Me! Monday. In case you haven't been introduced to Not Me! Monday, yet, here are a few details. This fun game originated with MckMama who is quite the busy woman! Here are the rules to playing, but in sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week. All in the name of admitting that we all make mistakes and aren't perfect.

This past week...

I did not have a fabulous weekend with Boy gallivanting amongst the West Virginia mountains, browsing through boutique shops, hippie craft stores, and wine cellars. I certainly did not drink an excessive amount of wine, and spoil myself with chocolate. I was not totally self-indulgent this weekend. I did not get exactly what I wanted (sex, chocolate and massages). *wink*

I definitely did not have a secret smile when I typed in my actual weight on the treadmill because I was proud of the poundage I lost!

I clearly did not slam my pen into my desk because the new statistical software I am learning wasn't behaving properly. No, it certainly wasn't my fault and I certainly have way more patience than that.

I most certainly did not convince Boy to browse through the cutest baby shop with me. I was not so in awe of the adorable outfits that I wanted to purchase for my newly and secretly pregnant best friend. I did not almost burst at the seems and gush to Boy that best friend is pregnant. (Once I can tell him, I'll need to explain that it wasn't MY baby itch keeping me in the store, but my "ohmygoodness I can't wait to spoil this kid" itch).

I did not drink four cups of tea and three sodas on Thursday so I could make it through work and into my 7:10 to 9:40 class without crashing. No, I would never inhale that much caffeine in one day.

Sorry this wasn't as snarky as usual, but I had a good week and had to share it somehow?!

What didn't you do last week?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hearts Afire

I meant to write more. It's nearing Valentine's day and I wanted to do a cute post about it. Good Girl Gone Blog invited me to write about a date night for Springpad's date night planner and I also wanted to participate in a tag about how I met Boy (Spanish class, by the way). But...I just ran out of time. School + work is keeping me busy and blogging has fallen behind.
Boy and I are going away for the weekend. We haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day in the past- just a nice dinner, no gifts. But, we've been meaning to get away for a awhile, so this seemed like a good excuse. I'm not sure where we are going, he planned it and I told him not to tell me. I just said I wanted something that included sex, chocolate, and massages (not neccessarily all together!) So, I'm hoping for one of those things.
When I am anxious about something, I tend to dream about it. And, I am clearly anxious and excited about this weekend. This week I have had so many dreams about this trip. One where we attended political discussions all weekend (bleh!), one where we were camping outside a five star hotel, one where he was on the verge of proposing, one where we were eating lasagna (which I can't even have), and one with an old man and a walking stick giving us a guided tour.

Weird...I know. So, I'm super excited about going away and hope its relaxing and fun. I've been working all week to get homework done since I won't have time this weekend. I'll let you know all about it when I get back.
So, ladies Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has a nice weekend. And, if you think you are valentine-less, remeber that you certainly aren't! Your best gal pals love you more than you think and they will always be your Valentine, through good years and bad.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday! Know what that means? Time again for Not Me! Monday. In case you haven't been introduced to Not Me! Monday, yet, here are a few details. This fun game originated with MckMama who is quite the busy woman! Here are the rules to playing, but in sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week. All in the name of admitting that we all make mistakes and aren't perfect.

This past week...

I did not nearly run over a dog while his ten year old owner watched. (This was one of the top ten most terrifying moments of my life and it all happened in slow motion---the dog bounding into the road, me slamming on my breaks and skidding. I will always remember the look on the kid's face. I jumped out of my car, screaming if I hit the dog and the kid was like, no, he's ok. and the beautiful lab jumped all over me slobbering me with kisses. I was unbelievably happy he was ok. But, I'm pretty sure I aged ten years.)

I certainly did not squeal with delight, alarming the entire sushi bar, when my girlfriend I hadn't seen in over two years came into the restaurant.

I did not realize I was "too old" for a favorite college hangout when the music was excessively loud and I was screaming to carry on a conversation. I am only 22, I should not be annoyed by bars like that!

I did not spend over a half an hour in the card store looking for the perfect Valentine's Day card for Boy. No, I am more practical than that!

And I most definitely did not opt out of a family function to "do homework" and the moment everyone left the house, I did not put down my books and curl up to watch Soap Net. Nope, not me!

What didn't you do this week? Feel free to play along.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture Tag!

Lovely Snow White over at Snow White and the 76 Dwarfs tagged me in the picture game. You are supposed to post a picture and tell the details about when, where, etc.
I was given the number 8-- so the 8th folder and the 8th picture.

This computer is new and all my undergrad pictures are still on my old computer. So, luckily you will be getting this picture instead of one of me doing something utterly ridiculous like a body shot off a man dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow...or something like that.
You are going to have to look reallllllllyyyyyyy hard to believe me, but...That is the Dave Matthews Band and Dave in the middle with the guitar. This past summer Boy and I went to Rothbury--a Music Festival in Michigan and Dave was one of the headliners. Although you can't tell from my picture because my camera is a piece, we stood pretty close as we danced and shouted lyrics for hours on end.

I can easily say that it was the best night of my life. EASILY. The whole show was just ridiculously amazing, Dave was phenomenal, and the band was just unbelievable. And, the best part of all-Boy was with me the whole time. When I listen to the live tracks from that night I continuously get chills down my spine, remembering and relishing in every detail of the whole night. I loved the whole festival, but this night will forever be remembered as one of the times in my life when I was happiest and most at peace.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Letter Game!

This game went around a few weeks ago, but I missed the boat that time and get to play this time! The adorable Emily at Vineyard Vogue gave me the letter "N" to post ten of my favorite things that begin with that letter. If you'd like to play (and missed the boat last time too) let me know in a comment.

I had a hard time with this letter, not sure why. But- here are ten of my favorite "N" things.

Nuzzling. Early on weekend mornings when Boy doesn't have to work and there is nothing pushing us out of bed.

Napping. This could be one of my favorite things, period. As an undergrad, I had secret couch in the Commons that I would nap on every day after early morning practice. If a friend needed me, she knew where to find me. I currently wish I had a cot under my desk, George Costanza style.

Nature. I love being outside when the weather is nice. There is a state park right by where Boy lives and we often take walks or hike in there. I also really enjoying trail runs- I think they are truly cathartic. I'm so focused on not tripping on a tree root, that the time flies by. On one of my runs, I saw a dear and her doe just standing near the trail starring at me like I was crazy. It was so startling and pretty!

NPR (National Public Radio). I know this makes me a bit of a loser, but it's about the only thing I listen to on the radio. It's the best way to get news quickly and succinctly and there are no commercials!

Nuggets (the chocolate ones from Hershey). Mmmmmmmm!
Novels. I love reading and could spend hours cuddled up reading. My ideal vacation is sitting on the beach, drinking umbrella drinks and reading books. My all time favorites are: The Catcher in the Rye and the Red Tent. Currently, I'm reading Gloria. A while back I asked for book suggestions and Victoria at This English Girl's Life recommended Gloria. So far, I am absolutely in love with it and it is really hitting home. It's about a girl in the 1960s during the summer after college and before she heads to Grad school.

Naked. Awkward, yes, but also true. I love to be naked when no on else is around. If I lived by myself I would sleep naked every night.

Napa Valley wine. (ok, this is really a stretch) but I really love wine and none of my favorites start with the letter N. So, I improvised. Some of my favorite memories come from bottles of wine shared with girlfriends. I even collect the corks from important moments in my life, like big dates with Boy. Luckily, I was able to snag a wine cork from Mrs. Stilletos wedding day and add it to my collection!

Night time. I think its the most peaceful time of the day. In the summer, I love to be outside when night falls. In colder months, I really enjoy curling up by myself before bed- it's my me time!

NBC (the channel). Except for LOST, which is on ABC, all of my favorite shows are on NBC. Law and Order: SVU, The Office, and Biggest Loser. And of course...I love the Today Show--also on NBC.

Ok, that's all. Let me know if you want a letter!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Flashback: Childhood Movies

Do you ladies remember this movie? Escape to Witch Mountain? And Return from Witch Mountain was the sequel. And these were the kids in the movies:
The movies were made by Disney in the mid-70s and they were always on the Disney channel when I was growing up. I can't say I remember all the details, but I know there was an overpass, some UFOs, a mountain and these kids underwent some form of odd testing. That's about all I can piece together from my memories, but I really liked them.

On SuperBowl Sunday The Rock (I know he has a real name now, but whatever) was promoting his new movie...the trilogy to the movies...Race to Witch Mountain
Now, I can't say the original movies were really cinematic masterpieces, but Really? Really Dwayne Johnson (apparently The Rock's real name)? I feel like this is a movie that would have been better left not-made and certainly isn't going to add anything to the movies almost FORTY years later. Apparently, Disney is feeling the squeeze from PIXAR and is delving deep to find some new (or recycled) movies.

Anyways, random, I know, but I had this flashback on Sunday and wanted to see if anyone else remembered these movies?

Not Me! Monday

Sorry I've been MIA since last week, school started this week and I was busy getting adjusted to the change. Anyways, time again for Not Me! Monday. In case you haven't been introduced to Not Me! Monday, yet, here are a few details. A few weeks ago I stumbled across MckMama who plays "Not Me! Monday." Here are the rules to playing, but in sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week. All in the name of admitting that we all make mistakes and aren't perfect.

This past week...

I did not laugh so hard I that I actually snorted soda out of my nose like a 10 year old when my co-worker put a picture of our boss over the picture of Michael Scott on my "The Office" Calendar. (more on this later).

I certainly did not have to get a man from my office to jump start my car on Friday afternoon because the battery died and I didn't know how to do it myself. Nope, I am a more capable woman than that***

I did not squeal like a little kid on Christmas when I got my care package of English Toffee and chocolates from Sasika!

I most definitely did not lie about my weight on my rental skis form Friday night so that Boy wouldn't know that exact number. Nope, I care about my own safety way more than that.

I certainly did not eat way too much junk at the Super Bowl party even though I brought my own healthy snacks. No, I am a logical gal and know that if I stop eating so much junk I can stop lying about my weight on the treadmill, ski rental forms, and other forms of weight torture.

Ok, that's it for today. What didn't you do last week?

***I did (honestly and actually) learn how to jump start a car this same day and later in the weekend jump my own car, all by myself!! Put that on your resume...