Friday, March 13, 2009

The Spa at Hotel Hershey

Tomorrow, I am going here:
The Spa at Hotel Hershey!
I couldn't be happier or more excited than I am now. If you've ever read anything I've written, you know that I am obsessed with Chocolate on an addictive level. Here, at the Spa, there are bowls of hershey kisses EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. Just for you to indulge in. I take handfuls and put them in my robe pockets and munch all day.
And the robes...oh, they are luxurious and beautiful and so comfortable.
The whole place is just magical, beautiful, oh-so-peaceful. Combining chocolate with my love of massages just makes me the happiest person ever.

Tomorrow I am going with my college roommates. We started going once a year during college (one of the girl's parents live near by) and since graduation, we still go. It is the best ritual I have ever been apart of. I can't even explain how much I am looking forward to entire day of massage, lounging, chocolate and pampering. OH! I am so excited.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I'll be sure to post about everything when I get back.


Whitney said...

Have so much fun!
I'm jealous!!!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

Ohhh you so deserve this little break! :) xo

Marlene said...

That sounds like HEAVEN. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

That place is heavenly. I live close by about 15 minutes from Chocolate Town and I would go there each day if I could but unfortunately I don't have the funds. Stop by Chocolate World and get a free sample of chocolate after the ride. Def. a fun time! :)

Seaside Prep said...

ENJOY yourself!! sounds wonderful, can't wait for your review! :)

Cocaine Princess said...

Enjoy your weekend being pampered in chocolate!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous tradition!! I wish I had one so luxurious!! Enjoy... steal a robe!