Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Not Me! Monday

I'm skipping Not Me! Monday this week. My Saturday was ridiculous enough without adding a bunch of "nots" in front of it.
So, as I posted about on Friday, I had month long plans with girlfriends to spend the day at the Spa at Hotel Hershey. I had to drive separately because I was driving to Boy's parents house Saturday night, which is in the opposite direction of home. So, Saturday morning, us girls hit the road in two cars to head up to Hershey, Pennsylvania to celebrate one of the girl's recent engagement. So far, so good.

About a half hour outside of Hershey my car starts making a tinkering noise. (My car is a 10 year old Ford-piece of shit- that I have spent more on repairs on than I bought the car for). I thought this was odd, so called the other car and we pulled off I-83. Right after we pulled off, my car died and the power steering went out (this has happened before). I restarted it and was able to get it into a gas station. Pissed. Looking around the car I can't find anything. Then, smoke starts pouring out of my hood. Not Good. I pop my hood and there is this gross slimy green substance that has exploded all over the insides. The smoke is disgusting. I figure a hose may have burst, but I can't find any obvious holes. Annoyed. I call my father (my car care knowledge was exhausted by this point). He suggests calling an auto repair place in the area and seeing if they can look at it. On a Saturday. And I am an hour away from anything familiar to me.

After literally 6,000 phone calls to the 6,000 auto repair shops in the local yellow pages I found a Ford dealer that could squeeze me before they closed for the day, I think my sobbing into the phone about being from out of town helped. Next, I needed to find a tow truck. The 500 calls I made were not helpful. Thankfully, the woman at the gas station's son knew someone who had a tow truck that was able to pick up my car. This whole process took about 1.5 hours, a huge headache and a melt down about halfway through. I was so stressed I was shaking and naseaus.

Finally, my car was towed and taken to the repair shop. The shop said my radiator had gone up and they were able to replace it same day and I could just pick my car up later. (Very good news, considering). I was in constant contact with the shop throughout the spa (really un-relaxing). The whole thing was a huge inconvenience to a bunch of people and involved cutting our spa day short.

We got there late, rushed through lunch, and were rushed into our appointments. Since we had to get back to the repair shop before it closed, we rushed out of there after our appointments to pick up my car. It sucked. I go to the spa once a year and like to make it a day long thing--totally indulging and relaxing. Because of me and my shitty car, I rushed my pals through their spa day and we didn't even get to gush about the engagement. I considered skipping my spa appointment and sending the girls without me, but I couldn't cancel my appointment without being charged the entire fee and if I was spending that much money, I damn well was getting a massage. The whole thing, was just totally shitty and not how I wanted to spend my "relaxing day."

I can say, however, that the massage was PHENOMENAL. It was the best I've ever had and utter bliss for the entire 80 minutes. It just completely sucks that the bliss of that day was surrounded by such complete stress.

So, in honor of not me monday, all in all, My car does not suck, and I didnot slightly ruin the completeling relaxing day I had planned. What didn't you do this week?


Marlene said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear that your car screwed up your day. SUCKY! At least you enjoyed the massage!

Mine is not quite so bad, but my hubby and I did "not" have to evacuate our hotel in Niagara Falls in the middle of dinner an walk down 20 flights of stairs to freeze our butts off in the street!

Brittany Ann said...

Sorry about your car! I've been there, and considering it all, you handled this way better than I would have! I'd have been in hysterics five minutes into the whole thing!

Sarah said...

Dude that sucks

Seaside Prep said...

ugh that is sooo beyond awful. Why do car issues creep up when you DONT need them? I am sure the car was behaving itself the entire week UP TO the trip... how inconvenient. I am glad the massage went well and that the car was able to be fixed. :)

Saskia said...

Poor you. What should have been a lovely day sounded so stressful. I'm glad you got your massage in the end!

Saskia x

Mrs. Stilettos said...

HOLY CRAP!! Bet ya took a bottle of wine to the face when you got home that night! I'm so sorry...if you need to take in a high amount of calories to relieve more stress...your ice cream pal is here waiting :)

Whitney said...

Oh no!!! I know where you are coming from! My first car was $2500 and I put about $6000 in repairs before it completely died! Ahh!
I hope you still got to eat a lot of Hershey's kisses! Glad you enjoyed your massage!

Kristen said...

Man what a bummer!
At least you had a nice message and were still able to be with your friends.

Cars can really be a pain!