Friday, March 6, 2009

My First Marathon

I did it. That's right, ladies. Yesterday I registered for my first Full Marathon! The Under Armour Baltimore Marathon on Saturday, October 10.

I am scared shitless and also extremely excited about it. I've run two half marathons in the past (one last year and one about 5 years ago) and decided I was ready for the next challenge. And that challenge, just happens to be 26.2 miles.

I've been planning on running the Baltimore Marathon in fall 2009 for a little over a year now. This winter and spring my goal was to shed some unwanted pounds and get as strong as possible so that my running would be a little easier once I started training. And, I am SOOOO happy to report that since the middle of January I've lost 10 pounds!!! I am super excited and very proud of myself. It hasn't been easy, but I've been really focused on counting my calories, getting in a lot of cardio, and lifting weights like a mad woman. And, so far, so good. My goal is to loose another 10-15 pounds. I think that these 10-15 are going to be a little harder to get rid of, but I'm pretty optimistic. And, I'll keep everyone posted.

So, Saturday, October 10 seems like a long way away, but I know it will be here before I know it. I think I'm planning on a 20 or 24 week program, which makes my training start sometime in June.

For any marathon veterans, please leave some feedback on things that pushed you through and any success tips. I'm particularly looking for a good snack/gel that is easy on the stomach.



Sarah said...

I personally have never run a marathon but I would love to. I want to lose the last 10 lbs and then I want to sign up for one. More power to you and keep us posted. I just started reading your blog and I love it. :)

I feel empowered from just you saying that you signed up for one. Good luck!

Marlene said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! I'm super excited for you and I hope you love your first marathon experience as much as I did. My fall marathon is a week after so we will be training 'together' this summer :)

Gels and bloks and other goodies of the like have never really bothered my stomach. Just make sure you take them with water. I have a friend who swears by honey instead... you could try that!

Melanie said...

Yay! That is SO excting. You are going to love it. Way to go on getting in shape and losing some weight!

Saskia said...

What an exciting goal to work towards this year!!

Long-distance running and me do not get along so I don't have any advice. One of my friends ran the London Marathon 2 years ago and she swam a lot in her training which helped her.

Hope you had a good weekend xx

Kristen said...

How awesome!
I'm looking into doing a full marathon...and it scares me to just THINK about it.
I will do my second half this Saturday...if I do well then I'm gonna go for it.
I'll check this one out. I was thinking of doing the Marine in DC Oct 25, 2009.

CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss and all your hard work!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

YES I am so interested in running it with you! I have to wait to see if I can run the Frederick Marathon first... but I think I am so far behind in my training, that I will have to do the frederick half & the Balto full.

As for the gels... I swear by Clif ShotBlocks before the run, then a Gu after every hour / 7 miles. I also like the Jelly Beans. The only time I had trouble was when I ate a Gu with Gatorade - it was too much action in my stomach. I prefer water during the run, gatorade afterward.

PS, I never actually ran the Philly marathon - had the flu - but I did all the training for it, including the 21 mi run. That is where I discovered the Gu / Gatorade issue.

Miss M said...

Hi - I randomly linked to your blog, but I did the Baltimore marathon this past year and it was my first as well! I had a great time and trained with a group that helped...Cliff gels were my favorite - GU brand tore up my stomach. The Jelly Belly energy beans were a good alternative too. Be sure to train on hills, I did, and it really helped. They have awesome pace groups too so you don't have to think about timing.. I'd be happy to help out with any questions!