Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Special Thursday Edition of Not Me! Monday

Welcome to a Special Thursday edition of Not Me! Monday. This just deserved a post all on its own and one of those things that would only happen to me.

This entire story, most definitely DID NOT happen to me:

So, I was off work yesterday and so was my dad and we decided to enjoy the nice weather and take a bike ride on the local trail. I was really looking forward to a long and intense cross-training workout and had planned on making it about an hour and a half long ride. About 30 minutes in, my dad decides he is going to head back home, so I continue to the end of the trail by myself.

Less than a minute later, my bike feels really funny, so I stop to take a look at it. Something was wrong with my back tire so that part of it was swollen and ballooning over the rim. Every time the fat part of the tire got back around to the frame of the bike, it struggled to make it through. So, I got back on my bike and said to myself, "This tire isn't going to last long, I better turn around and try and catch my dad to see if he has a patch kit."

...and then POP! My entire tire blew out. Like, not like, oh a tiny little hole, the entire tire was separated from the rim and tube. F*CK. Luckily I had my cell phone, so I called my house, and left a message for my dad to come get me when he got back.

But, I was pissed. My workout had been cut really short and I wasn't going to just sit on the side of the trail until my dad came back with his car. and this is where the story gets interesting.

I decided to run with my bike as far as I could until my dad called me back. Let me paint a picture for you of what this looked like.
1. I was wearing my bike shorts, which are basically spandex with a seat cushion, which really only serves to make my ginormous butt look even bigger.
2. I wear my hair in two low pigtails when i ride b/c a helmet won't fit over a pony-tail.
3. I have grease all over my hands, shirt and face, from messing with my bike chains.
4. I am running...with a bike next to me! I have no balance to begin with, but with this contraption, I was all over the place.

It was truly ridiculous, and every bike rider I passed (very graciously) asked if I was okay, so they got a close-up of my absurd attire.

I mean, I would never leave the house looking like this and would never decide to run with a bike... these are just things a self-respecting girl doesn't do, right?!


Lucky in Love said...'re awesome! You got your work out in even after your tire blew! You rock :)

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

Ooooh wow. This would SO happen to me. Thank goodness you had your cell!

Marlene said...

I give you lots of credit for doing what you had to do to get the most out of your workout.

Whitney said...

Hilarious. I mean, hilarious because it didn't happen to you....ha!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Love it, cause it would totally happen to me too. You're better than I am though, I would have stayed right there until someone came to get me. What a day...

Anonymous said...

I followed your advice. Things are good now and he understood what I was saying.

Thank you.

Wearing Mascara said...

LOL wow what a story! That's something that would totally happen to me lol...

Glad you're okay though! :-)

BumbleBeeRunning said...

Oh my gosh this is too funny! I can totally imagine this happening to me! At least you got a good workout in :)