Sunday, November 30, 2008

girl or woman?

I always wondered at what point I would feel like a woman, not a young lady, or a girl. I thought that gradually over the years I would make decisions that would take me farther away from girlhood and closer to womanhood. Part of me still exists in both worlds. I cry like a girl, am insecure like a girl, and still sneak peanut butter m&ms. But I also love like a woman, stand up for myself and my beliefs like a woman, and mail my own Christmas cards (something I have always associated with adulthood).

And on Thanksgiving I took one definite step away from girlhood and towards womanhood. It was after Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was sitting back to digest. I stood up, collected the plates, and went into the kitchen to do the dishes without a thought in the world. My mother had cooked all day, I certainly wasn’t going to let her clean. So there I was, for the next hour, washing dishes, while my aunts dried them, gossiping about life.

In years past I would grudgingly go help my aunts and mother clean up. But this year, I was leading the clean up, with my aunts helping me, with no grudge. It just seemed like what I should do.

This revelation may seem trivial, but to me, I really felt like I had taken one step toward being a “grown up.”


Mrs. Stilettos said...

I always thought that there would be this defining moment that would enter me into the world as a "woman"....but it never came. Lately, I've been realizing that it is all the small things that add up to give you that woman label. That moment in the kitchen where you were proudly cleaning up so your mother could rest...that was def. one of those little moments. Not only can you add this to your own list...but your parents will notice and add it to their list!

Mrs. Cup said...

I agree with Mrs. Stilletos! I haven't had that defining moment, but have realized lately that I guess I'm getting closer and closer to being a woman!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm always associating things as 'grown-up'. Isn't is funny how even at 24 and married, I still don't think of myself as grown-up??

Lindsey said...

I don't think I had that defining moment, but I feel like I'm starting to have it as a newlywed. It's like, "wow I'm a wife! I'm so grown-up!"

Love your blog!