Saturday, November 29, 2008

showering thoughts

While conditioning my hair this morning, I had a thought. Time really does just fly by and if you don’t stop to savor it, it truly will pass you by. And in order to savor it- you have to plan it. Recently I was in a bar and was surprised by the appearance of my best friend, a girl I hadn’t seen in over two months! My shock at seeing her, combined with my beer tears, led to an emotional hug (at least on my end).

But how does that happen? How did my life go from spending hours with this gal pal everyday to not seeing her for over two months!? I was upset with myself for letting that time slip away- for not planning to see her.

That whole experience is just the first step of me realizing what thousands have before me: that post-graduation life is starkly different from the college days. Living next door and down the street from your best friends is incomparable in experience. You just knew that Friday nights would be spent together making debauchery at the bar, and that Wednesday nights were for wine and “Lost”. Nothing was planned, it just was the way it was.

It’s this doing, yet not planning, that i truly miss.

As I navigate this new lifestyle, I’m sure I’ll come across some other revelations as well. I just hope that I plan them into my work week, or I might pass them by.


Liana said...

i totally agree! i feel like i am always "planning" time to spend time with girlfriends or we would just be too busy! i just found your blog hope you dont mind me reading :)

Whitney said...

Ok, and I am right there with you on this one! I had dinner with one of my best friends the other night and I hadn't seen her in THREE MONTHS! A year ago, we would have thought not seeing each other for three DAYS was because one of us had moved across country or been arrested or something(ha!), yet we live less than 3 miles from each other! Growing up is crazy!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

When can I see your pretty face again?!
I miss you!

good girl gone blog said...

I feel like I do some of my best thinking in the shower :)