Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to the quarterlife

This summer I went to five weddings. Five beautiful, lovely weddings and a few for some ladies I love like family. This summer, I also graduated college. and that was it. Proud as I was to participate in my graduation ceremony, it certainly wasn't a wedding. For one, there were 5,000 other individuals wearing the exact same outfit as me. (Not my idea of feeling special). For a few months I had a difficult time as some of my best gal pals were starting wonderful new adventures with their handsome hubbies while I was moving back into my parent's house to live somewhere for free as I started grad school.

So, as my beautiful friend has blogged about her wedding and her life as a newlywed, she has encouraged me to write about my twenty something life and all the ups and downs of navigating my twenties, and the ever pending quarter life.


Whitney said...

Girl, I am right there with you!
I went have gone to 20 weddings in the past year and a half! Welcome to the blog world!

Newport Nuptials said...

I graduated just last year, and I got engaged last month, but I remember last year how crazy it was when so many of my college friends and family members were getting married, the last two years it seems like everyone has gotten engaged or married in my life. I can't wait to read more about your life post college!

Gracie said...

Welcome to the world of BLOG! I totally feel your pain - I've been MOH more than I can count on all appendages - all I can say is I sure hope they are all around when I get married! =)

penny lane said...

i totally understand! i just graduated in may and moved back into my mom's house and it's tough. granted i didn't go to 5 weddings. graduation is definitely not a day to stand out amongst the crowd but either way congratulations on doing it!