Friday, June 12, 2009

random thoughts for a Friday

Yesterday at work I was updating my resume.

After deciding that "bitch work" was not an acceptable thing to put on a resume, I was at a loss.
I have an undergraduate degree and am one semester (hopefully) away from getting my Master's and these are the things I repeatedly do:
  • Take meeting minutes
  • Write meeting agendas
  • Put numbers in charts. In fact, I repeatedly put different numbers in the same chart because someone can't figure out what data set they are supposed to use
Something is wrong with this picture. I'm hoping my lack of actual/real work is the fact that for most of the year I only work part time so its hard for me to get deep into projects. I hope, if not, I am being sorely underestimated.

On another note, remember when I told you that Boy was moving out? Well, he is currently looking for a place to rent short term, while looking for an actual place to buy and fix up. So, last night we went to check out a "basement apartment."
The house was in a really nice neighborhood and things were looking pretty positive. We walk into the house and the guy has two big dalmatians. Totally fine, Boy likes animals. Then, we are shown the "apartment."

I was under the impression that the basement was somewhat finished with hookups for bathroom fixtures that could be easily installed. Not so much!
First, not carpeted. Also, no dry wall on the walls--just concrete and insulation.
(okay, these are things I can get over and work around)
There are also not any hookups for bathroom fixtures.
Then, one of the dogs takes a poop, right in the middle of the basement!
(Now, I am trying to stay positive, but this is pretty ridiculous).
THEN...Boy and the guy are talking details and the other dog walks right up to Boy and PEES ON HIS LEG!
(This was completely ridiculous....something I only thought happened in movies and I was stunned).
Boy was pretty stunned too and as the guy went away to get a rag, Boy just started laughing and it was the kind of laugh that had it been me, it would have turned into a cry.
Boy was like, I can't stop laughing. If it had been too weeks later and he was really stressed about his living situation, I could see that laugh being the breaking point in his stress level. Luckily, it was just a road block.

And...back to square one.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a FANTASTIC weekend.


Mrs. Potts said...

Oh no! I thought stuff like the pee on the leg really did only exist in movies! Poor Boy!
Good luck with the home search.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the dog peed on him! That's ridiculous. Sorry I missed you this weekend. I'm coming in in July for a bridal shower, so maybe I'll see you then!

Marlene said...

OH MY GOD. Are you sure you guys weren't being Pubk'd?! Like, wow.

A lot of days I feel like all I do is "bitch work" too. Sigh.

Lucky in Love said...

Oh geez!! Moving on I guess!

Good luck with the next one :)

Anonymous said...

This is too funny!
I hope you guys have better luck!